Benefits of Outsourcing

Suburban Services has taken an innovative and pro-active lead in the drive to offer our clients a wide spectrum of diversified services. In our strong commitment to excel in our industry we have become uniquely service and value-added in orientation, achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction and greater cost efficiencies for our clients. Among the many advantages of outsourcing to Suburban Services, a few are mentioned here:

  • Suburban Services will provide specially recruited, trained and uniformed staff including the supply of relief personnel for staff who are away on leave, ill or absent

  • Suburban Services will be responsible for salaries, retirement annuity, quarterly bonus scheme and benefit contributions(U.I.F/Workmens compensation/skills levy)

  • Suburban Services will manage the entire contract related to supervision and industrial relations

  • Suburban Services supplies all equipment and materials and will maintain all equipment to N.O.S.A standards

  • Suburban Services ensures maximum standards of cleanliness and hygiene by taking on the responsibility of all housekeeping duties, thereby allowing clients' management to utilize the additional time to the benefit of the business

  • Suburban Services maintains a hands on approach to all contracts and emphasizes high visibility and close liaising with an appointed contact person

  • Suburban Services' staff achieve maximum productivity through experience and a thorough knowledge of the latest cleaning procedures, utilising expert techniques relating to equipment and procedures and applying correct chemical applications to different surfaces

  • Reduction on staff wages and benefits

  • Relief staff for absenteeism and staff on leave

  • Personnel function to administer staff is eliminated

  • Capital expenditure on machinery and equipment is eliminated

  • Supply and replacement costs of staff uniforms become our concern

  • You directly enjoy the cost benefits of volume discounts we recieve as major consumers of essential service materials