Company Profile

Mission Statement

Suburban Services understands that our clients are the most important contributing factor to our organization. Management time and effort is dedicated wholly to the benefit of our clients and our commitment to service excellence is comprehensive and complete.

Suburban Services' success is backed by the business' core values and a determination to achieve:

  • Customer satisfaction through quality
  • Provide the right environment to attract and retain the highest quality team member
  • Develop long lasting mutually beneficial business relationships with all our clients
  • Achieve the highest standard of service through use of the latest technology coupled with highly motivated, trained staff
  • Proving success through personal dedication and professionalism

  • Suburban Services has at its core the interests of its' staff and a genuine concern for the upliftment of the working people in the service industry

    National Network

    Suburban Services operates on a single, local basis and on a national scale for clients with multiple location sites. We now extend across all nine provinces in our drive to achieve optimal service, convenience and reliability.

    Operational Structure

    Suburban Services boasts an integrated and multi-disciplinary workforce, streamlined to give full expression to their considerable wealth of experience, technology and professionalism.

    Gauteng : Northern Province : Northwest Province : Mpumalanga

  • 10 Operations Managers
  • 63 Field Managers
  • 63 Teams

  • Kwazulu Natal

  • 3 Operations Managers
  • 16 Field Managers
  • 16 Teams

  • Western Cape : Eastern Cape : Northern Cape

  • 1 Operations Manager
  • 6 Field Managers
  • 6 Teams

  • Free State

  • 1 Operations Managers
  • 5 Field Managers
  • 5 Teams